Since 2016, I have written more about competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee than any other person on the planet. From weekly columns to investigative reporting, tournament previews and published books, I’ve dedicated myself to discovering and sharing the Melee stories you never knew you wanted to know.

The Book of Melee (August 2019)

My first print book is a 243-page recap of competitive Melee history.

1. No. 1 Amazon Best Selling Book of Summer 2019 in the Video Games Category
2. 5,000 copies sold across Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and in-person sales
3. Citation by The Ringer
4. Citation by Paul Chaloner’s “This is Esports.”

Melee Stats Films (May 2019 – now)

I am one of three executive producers for a YouTube channel which makes films to over 20,000 YouTube subscribers and has over 1.2 million total views. Videos I have written and produced include “The Greatest Melee Player Nobody Knows,” “Friendship in a Game of Loneliness,” “When M2K Lost To Bowser,” “RIP Captain Falcon” and “The Worst Grand Finals of All-Time.”

Monday Morning Marth (March 2018 – now)

I write weekly columns recapping the latest Melee news. Examples of columns:

July 2021: Smash Summit 11 Preview
March 2020: COVID-19 Halts Melee
October 2018: The Case To Ban Wobbling

SSBMRank/MPGR (December 2013 – January 2020)

I was one of the writers, editors data collectors and voters for the SSBMRank series, an annual countdown article series recapping the Top 100 players of each year from 2013 to 2019. Here is an example of my written content in this series.

National Arcadian Preview (March 2018)

I previewed the National Arcadian in 2018 for Tempo Storm, writing about the players with the best chance of winning the tournament.

Smash History (July 2016 – May 2019)

I wrote several independent articles about Melee history:

The Top 100 Sets of All-Time
The Greatest Cinderella Runs
Top Tier History
The Top 100 Players Ever

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