Other Projects

While I spend most of my time writing about competitive Melee, I also occasionally write about politics, sports, and independently publish book/music/film reviews.

Movie Reviews (May 2022 – now)

I started a Letterboxd account to review movies. Warning: as a stylistic choice, these reviews are not in proper grammar.

Political Freelancing (May 2021 – now)

I write articles for Democratic Left. Written work includes:

“Mightier Than The Sword,” a review of Glenn Greenwald’s “Securing Democracy.”
“The Radical Legacy of Michael Jamal Brooks,” a tribute to the late Michael Brooks, written a year after his death.

Give Them An Argument Discord (May 2019 – now)

I launched and currently moderate the official Discord for subscribers of “Give Them An Argument,” a weekly show run by Jacobin columnist and alumnus of “The Michael Brooks Show,” Ben Burgis, available to over 400 patrons.

My Goodreads Reviews (July 2020 – now)

“Washington Bullets” by Vijay Prashad
“Are Prisons Obsolete?” by Angela Davis
“Rainbow Solidarity” by Leslie Feinberg
“Stupid White Men” by Michael Moore
“We’ve Got People” by Ryan Grim

UConn’s Bacon Jalapeño Mac And Cheese: A Sober Student’s Review (October 2015)

I once wrote a review of the most infamous meal in Storrs, CT. It was fun.

Big Nokh is Burning (August 2014 – May 2016)

I had a weekly sports column for Daily Campus.

“The Curious Case of Chip”
How The Giants Coughlin’d a Game Away
“Who is the worst player in the NBA?”
“The Championship Fallacy”

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