Smash History: 2004 in Review

It’s the beginning of 2004 and Super Smash Bros. Melee is starting to show signs of life as a competitive game. In the two and a half of years that the game’s been alive, you’ve probably sworn among your friends that your Roy was unbeatable or that Sheik was an unfair character. But a quickContinue reading “Smash History: 2004 in Review”

Smash History: A Year in Review for 2005 (and our Top 10)

By 2005, Super Smash Bros. Melee was one of the most popular competitive video games, along with Halo 2 and even Tekken 5. Rather than just being a game that your weird stepbrother played at house parties with all his friends, Melee had its own storylines, recognizable figureheads and potential for growth. Once a partyContinue reading “Smash History: A Year in Review for 2005 (and our Top 10)”