Smash History: The Early Ages (2001-2003)

If you’ve ever played Super Smash Bros. Melee, chances are that you already know about “secret” advanced techniques, like L-canceling (referred to in the original as “smooth landing”) and, of course, wavedashing. But before the competitive scene came to be as we know it today, the line between casual and tournament players was far moreContinue reading “Smash History: The Early Ages (2001-2003)”

UltimateSSBMRank – The Race for No. 1

Greatness often comes in twos. The best of any field soar above their contemporaries, but the truly great overcome those that can consistently take them to the brink. If you’re spiritual, you might equate this to Yin and Yang. If you’d like a more scientific analogy, think of it this way: for each and everyContinue reading “UltimateSSBMRank – The Race for No. 1”