The Book of Melee: The Rise of Dr. PeePee

The following is an excerpt of “The Book of Melee,” my upcoming 150+ page account of competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee’s history. Chapter 17 Kevin “Dr. PeePee” Nanney is an unusual case study of how to become the best Melee player in the world. Unlike Mango, Mew2King or Hungrybox, the North Carolina native came fromContinue reading “The Book of Melee: The Rise of Dr. PeePee”

Kids See Ghosts: A Track-By-Track Review

For those who are long-time followers of my website, you may be surprised to see that I haven’t updated it with a post about my upcoming book. I’ve taken some time off from Melee writing to pursue my love for music. However, the new Kanye West-Kid Cudi collaboration finally lit the spark inside me toContinue reading “Kids See Ghosts: A Track-By-Track Review”