Coaching Corner Week 16: The Curious Case of Chip

The football world was delivered a not-really-but-still-kind-of shock when the Philadelphia Eagles fired their now disgraced head coach Chip Kelly on Tuesday, finishing his record at 6-9 for the season. Judging by the reaction of players across the league, I’d say that most people are pretty content with the Eagles’ decision. “Power tends to corrupt,Continue reading “Coaching Corner Week 16: The Curious Case of Chip”

New England’s Defense A Force To Reckon With

If you asked most people what kept the 12-2 and defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots so good this season, they would probably state something along the lines of quarterback Tom Brady being an age-defying time wizard or head coach Bill Belichick selling his soul to the devil. However, in 2015, you could argueContinue reading “New England’s Defense A Force To Reckon With”